Low Osgoodby Lake

NB – We have not visited this fishery, this information was provided by www.yorkshirefishing.net

Plenty of countryside here to admire as the fishery is set
near to the famous white horse at Kilburn. The water covers
2 acres and is open the whole year around. The water which
is stocked with plenty of Rainbows is also suitable for anglers
with disabilities. The water will cater for 10 anglers at
a time and offers flexibility with day, evening and four hour

Tickets are to be purchased from the house on the road leading
to the farm.

Directions – Leaving Thirsk on the A170 you will see the right
turn sign for Kilburn take this road, go through the village
of Balk and the water is signposted by the second farm on
the Right hand side.

Low Osgoodby Lake
North Yorkshire
01845 597601

6 thoughts on “Low Osgoodby Lake

    1. noel

      Sorry for the late reply Chris yes we did I blanked but Lee and Andy both got 4 a piece at the end away from the hut on DIAWL BACH

  1. Susie Russell-Wagner

    My great-great-great grandfather Harrison Osgoodby of England, and his son, John Osgoodby ……My ancestors. Now — my daughter, Melissa, 42, loves to Fly Fish in the United States. Can any information be sent to me on your Low Osgoodby Lake? I’d greatly appreciate it – any contacts on Fly Fishing. I live in Las Vegas, NV.
    Thank you.

  2. Susie Russell-Wagner

    I would also greatly appreciate ANY information on the Harrison/Anne/John Osgoodby’s, my ancestors. Please email me if you have any information. I am doing Osgoodby genealogy.
    Thank you.

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